Facebook Regrets Asking Parents If They Would Allow Pedophilia

Written by on June 2, 2018

What is wrong with the world that we really have forgotten that pedophilia destroys children?

Children don’t just forget being raped or molested by a 50-year-old.  Child rape leaves scars that often lead to mental illness and suicide.

I for one, as a parent, will never tolerate legal pedophilia and any parent toying with the idea, that people who want to have sex with their kids, isn’t “such a bad idea”, also deserve death by a trillion hammers.

The Verge reports

Facebook has apologized for a survey that asked users for their opinion on allowing pedophiles to solicit sexual pictures from children on the platform. The Guardian reported on a small survey designed to gauge users’ opinions on Facebook policy. Alongside questions about topics like violent extremism, it asked how users would handle “a private message in which an adult man asks a 14-year-old girl for sexual pictures.” One possible answer was “this content should be allowed on Facebook, and I would not mind seeing it.” Facebook VP of product Guy Rosen tweeted an apology for the question, saying it “shouldn’t have been part of this survey.”

Umm, it’s too late to take something like that back.


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