Our Message to our Viewers in the video is Please Don’t Buy into the Fear Pron or Feed the Paid Disruptors. Do your own research & Trust yourself. We give some tips on How to Deal with Paid Disruptors aka Trolls. We have some Help from Twitter on Managing Fear Pron via a most excellent […]

This is a Video to let our subscribers know that #Fagmedia is on #PolitiChatter with a Page & a New #LeavingSugarMountain Group to keep up to date with videos & news. PolitiChatter.com/RealFagmedia & PolitiChatter.com/LeavingSugarMountainGroup Please Like, Share & Subscribe. Fagmedia is on Facebook, Twitter, Parler, Gab & PolitiChatter.

A New Stanford Study Suggests Biden’s Agenda Will Have Devastating Economic Consequences & Biden’s interventions would, among other things, distort labor incentives, decrease productivity, and kill jobs”. A reading from: https://fee.org/articles/new-stanford-study-suggests-bidens-agenda-will-have-4-devastating-economic-consequences/ https://rumble.com/vaslcb-biden-with-make-america-broke-again.html For more information ab0ut the Qiew Podcast go to: www.theqiew.com Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Related

Even as #SameSexMarriage has become “Settled Law” in the USA, Australia, NZ, the UK & 22 Other Countries, there are certain un-elected, self-appointed political party linked #LGBTQ activists who continue to use Marriage Equality as a political football to bully, fear monger & create division as part of Toxic “#CancelCulture” politics. [embedded content] This video […]

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