This is what happens when you discuss things with a religious zealot and thank them for praying for you but not for their misconception that I’m going to burn in hell because I’m gay.

Look at what this “Christian” finally said to me

I am a Gay Conservative Christian who believes it’s the sum of your complete soul and belief in Jesus that will get you through life and to heaven.

Even to those that doubt an afterlife can agree that being a better good person in this life makes things better for everyone.

I am tired of “so-called” Christians telling me to change my sexuality (who I am) or I am going to burn in hell. Based on a book written by men “inspired by God” 2000 years ago?!

I am faithful but if your guidance is based on the old testament (old Jewish law) or by Leviticus (which is Sharia law, 79 plus “sins” only one is against gay men (nothing about women) and very much cherry-picked because you should not eat pig, get tattoos, wear pants, etc… But being gay is the one that’s picked as an “ultimate sin” !!

Look part of my identity is I am Gay, I have no issues with my sexuality. True identity politics is when YOU focus on this fact and ignore all the good that I do. (Is help the homeless, fight for the unborn, etc)

I thank all of you for your prayers, I also pray for you. But I’m going to be honest if you seek out Gays and try to preach to us about how we have changed or burn you are just going to keep pissing us off.

You wouldn’t like it if other religions pestered you and said you’re going to burn if you don’t change right?

End of the day, you should concentrate on following your faith and boundaries set by yourself to keep you faithful. I’m not sure which religion says go out and pester people with your personal beliefs. Ultimately you are making people hate religion. You are turning people off.

You say somehow I’m cramming me being gay down your throat, meanwhile, I’m constantly being blasted by misguided religious zealots who don’t even understand what being a follower of Christ is even about?!

Christ surrounded himself with sinners, he died for our sins, for we are all sinners, all are worthy of judgment of improvement. Though nothing in the teachings of Jesus says go forth and pester Homosexuals into lying to themselves and ultimately to God if we try to suppress who God made us.

There is a purpose for all God’s creation and Homosexuality is as natural as Heterosexuality is. There is no danger of loss in population due to a small fraction of gays not having kids.

It’s time you quit hating Homosexuals and start looking at individuals’ behavior such as the way the left has latched on to the gay culture and truely perverted it to serve the evil bidding of the left with it’s extremism.

Deep down you are not mad at Homosexuals, you are upset at the actions of leftists who happen to be Homosexual

If the right would quit rejecting Homosexuals and include us right-leaning conservative Homosexuals into the fold in a bigger way then just maybe together we could defeat the left.

Then together we can ensure more #GaysGoRight

But the only way this happens is if you quit allowing homophobic behavior, bigotry, extremism, and religious zealots, control the Conservative, GOP, RNC, Republicans and start waking up to try unity that

Together WE are One
Together We will Make America Great Always

I AM SICK OF THIS: The GOP identity politics double standard towards Gays For Trump

The GOP identity politics double standard towards Gays For Trump

I hate this quote when I ask for support of “gays for trump”

“I don’t see conservatives suddenly embracing identity politics.”

[embedded content]

Let me remind you. It doesn’t suddenly become “identity politics” when we say we are gay conservatives!

Just because some of us can hide out or not announce our sexuality does not mean we are the only “identity” in town.

I am sick of this misconception!! See More

Republicans take advantage of Identity Politics every day just like any other political group.

It’s called Demographics.

Which the gay community should really be any group’s dream to grab… Because hello!! We are every demographic rolled into one!! Literally holding a rainbow flag making it easy to find us!

But let me clarify this.

And more

All are identity groups and demographics that the right have no issue having clubs (men’s Republican club, ladies Republican club, etc)

Each one of these is a “For Trump” group.

All get wide support!

Trump regularly has #Blexit Candace Owens and Blacks For Trump over to the Whitehouse and are wooooooed all the time to #GoRight

Let me remind you how we all can be the same.. women worked hard for equality and equal rights and the right to vote. Blacks also did the same thing. But….

It’s easily forgotten if you’re not gay because you live in a “straight world” that as many of you say we “cram our gay lifestyle in your face” quite actually every day we live in a “straight” world.

People assume we are straight and ask us men about wives, girlfriends, children… (Women get it easier because men look the other way at lesbians) we then have to mumble lies, divert the question, or flat out tell the truth.. but when we do we are “cramming our lifestyle down your throat”

So how are we like Women and Blacks who are both “identities”? We are because we in the gay community have had to fight for our equal rights as well!!

Yes, we are an Identity.. one that’s been oppressed and still is condemned, threatened, attacked, ridiculed, told we are perverts, we are unnatural, we are all sinners, we are mentally ill, we are called names and it’s all fair game still.

As stated before, it’s perfectly acceptable to put our bigotted remarks against gays.. (example recently against Mayor Pete that I don’t support politically) but if one makes a comment about someone being black or a woman, etc in a bad way it’s sexist, or racist.

But.. let me try to call out homophobic remarks…

I’m told get back in the closet you’re going to burn in hell along with a full display of religious zealots ready to judge and condemn me to the eternal flames by cherry-picking scripture. Unable to understand that I am a Gay Jesus Loving Christian 🙏😇!

These zealots love choosing to ignore being a Christian and loving their neighbor and understanding that the new Testament wipes away the old and middle books such as Leviticus which is basically Sharia law.

This is the kind of problem we who “identity” as gay deal with. We are the most oppressed identity out there, there is literally whole religions that want no better than to exterminate us for breathing. Many will throw us off buildings, whip us, and decapitate us.

Meanwhile, Trump is trying to decriminalize this across the world and save our lives but even the UN will not help.

The Gay community is a rainbow spectrum of many different races, sexes, religions, etc that has to put up with oppression all over this world.

So why do we celebrate “pride” ?
Why do we “shove our sexuality” in your face as you will say.. ? because we have been treated like dirt, we are still treated like dirt, and to many, we are not even treated like 3rd-degree citizens.

I understand that you may be sick of the leftist perversion and use of the gay culture to serve their political means… But you have to understand why it’s like this… It’s because just like the blacks were under-appreciated and underserved by the party of Lincoln that quite literally freed the blacks )but then forgot about them.) We too the gays are greatly underserved by the Right.

Plain and simple the Right’s rejection and continued rejection of gays serve the GOP, Republicans, and the Right no good purpose. Your rejection is based on bigotry, (same bigotry that if we were ignored due to our skin color or other race society would raise hell about discrimination)

This can be based on religion, opinion, etc but at the end of the day, this serves our party NO justice. Quite frankly it’s destroying the party, which is opposite of what many feel.. many feel that if gays are allowed it will destroy the party, but people said the same thing about minorities, women, blacks, etc when the political parties all used to be for white men only.

Gays will not destroy the party! In fact quite the opposite. The GOP cannot grow if it continues to reject the diversity of the gay community. This rejection is now destroying the GOP.

Due to the rejection from the right… The left keeps growing from this demographic/identity and then indoctrinating the gays into the leftist, extremists that they become. Thus instead of gaining the votes the GOP needs to thrive they are losing voters. I might add voters who are just looking for people to treat them with dignity and kindness.

So that leaves the GOP only one recourse, start first by understanding what I just spoke about.

Quit complaining about how you hate and despise the gay community because of the few extremists you see out there.

Start opening your eyes to the fact that the LGBTs as a whole are not all this bigoted stereotype you see and think!

Instead recognize that there is a growing number of LGBTs that believe in 80 percent at least of what you do.

As Ronald Reagan said “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally, not a 20 percent traitor.” it’s time that those on the right start living by that principle.

So to sum it up. Gays For Trump, Gay Conservatives, Gays That Go Right, are not playing identity politics because we are out of the closet, unafraid to let people know about who we are, and proud of who we are, and that we fight for our rights and protections. That we can also be equal and still proudly proclaim who we are.

Remember, Women and Blacks do it all the time without any opposition any more. Why do they do it? Same reason we do it! To remind others that we will refuse to be oppressed!

In fact when someone tells me “I don’t see conservatives suddenly embracing identity politics.” I will continue to remind you that it’s you playing identity politics by assuming that my sexuality is all I am just because I announce it, just because it’s in our name.

Our name is to proclaim our identity and Independence from the lefts oppression. Of course, we are intentionally proclaiming our identity because in our case it serves a purpose!

Yet you make no similar comparison when other groups come out with their identity on their sleeves.

I know I repeat myself, but honestly I’ve been preaching this argument for years. It’s time people start understanding.


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