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Afghanistan THE BUCK STOPS HERE Joe Biden continues to fail on the world stage. We'll get to Afghanistan later, but in a less publicized story, OPEC and its allies, including Russia, denied Biden's request that they increase oil production yesterday, in order to drive down the price of oil in the U.S. A major smack [...]

Mandates, Misinformation, and a 3rd Booster, oh my Remember a few weeks back when a CDC slide 'leaked' that said the Delta variant “is as transmissible as: – Chicken Pox"? It was front-page news everywhere, and another way to try and scare the hell out of people. Well, that CDC slide was inaccurate. And this [...]

NO COVID RULES FOR OBAMA Celebrities, politicians, and a couple hundred other “close friends and family members” packed in to celebrate former President Barack Obama’s 60th birthday Saturday in what was billed as a “scaled-back” bash amid rising concerns about the fast-spreading Delta variant of COVID-19.   Yet A-listers streamed into Martha’s Vineyard for the [...]

HARVESTING THE ORGANS OF THE UNBORN...   Warning: What I'm about to describe may be disturbing... Judicial Watch successfully sued the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for access to over 250 pages of documents related to how the US used our tax dollars to fund the University of Pittsburg's "Tissue Hub" where [...]

Cuomo Resigned Sexual predator Andrew Cuomo was forced to resign from his position as New York Governor yesterday after a state Attorney General's investigation found that there were about a dozen credible allegations of sexual assault and harassment against him. Honestly, it's not enough. He should face trial for these assaults. He should be rotting [...]

The Infrastructure Bill that Couldn't Build a Thing As the Democrats hurdle towards pushing through a $1.2 trillion dollar "infrastructure" bill, coupled with a $3.5 trillion dollar "human infrastructure" bill, after already spending $1.9 trillion on a covid relief bill earlier this year... We have to take a step back and look at the big [...]

  TED CRUZ SAVES AMERICA   In the dead of the night, around 3:30 AM, Chuck Schumer tried to sneak in a vote on HR1-SR1 by unanimous consent. HR1-SR1 is the Democrat's dream bill that essentially federalizes elections across the country. All those shady vote-by-mail rules we used during Covid that helped Democrats steal the [...]

TALIBAN IS RETAKING AFGHANISTAN Just a month after President Joe Biden announced that he was withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban is sweeping through the country, taking control of city after city, and seizing American weapons that have been left behind. How much does the Taliban control: 12 of Afghanistan's 34 provincial capitals (which account [...]

  CDC FORCED TO RETRACT LIE ABOUT FLORIDA   The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was forced yesterday to admit it had fabricated Covid data to make Florida, and its Gov. Ron DeSantis look bad. The big lie: On Sunday, the CDC website showed record-high new covid cases for Florida: 28,317. The fake news media, [...]

BIG TECH CENSORSHIP IS TAKING OUR FREEDOM     Big tech announced a coordinated plan yesterday to use a centralized database to flag and ban “extremist content” across all social media platforms. Back up: The database is called the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT). It was originally created in 2017 to collect data […]

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