#Breaking #BreakingNews People on the ground in #Germany report that #Scytl, hosting YOUR elections data Improperly through #Spain, was raided by a large #USARMY force & their Servers were Seized in Frankfurt. Scytl Bankrupt https://youtu.be/0hYGk4BFR-g Full Thread: https://twitter.com/AOECOIN/status/1327217164382728197 While the CRIMINAL LIARS from the Far-Left might claim none of this ever happened, or that the […]

MAKE NO MISTAKE FACEBOOK IS DIRECTLY INVOLVED IN THIS COUP ATTEMPT!!! Fellow Republicans… For a moment I would like all of you, for moment, sit down and think of all things which have transpired during this fraudulent Election. https://youtu.be/1Q-zx3nkw-0 You must, take into consideration, all parties who have “DESPERATELY PUSHED BIDEN’S ELECTION NUMBERS OR THWARTED […]

This is In this video we see how the President of Mexico has refused to endorse the Media’s Unconstitutional Selection of President choosing to wait until the Constitutional Process reveals the Official Outcome of #Elections2020. https://youtu.be/TWPIwVodb68 #StopTheSteal We also provide reading and commentary of the Article “America Won’t Trust Elections Until The #VoterFraud Is Investigated” […]

America Won’t Trust Elections Until The #VoterFraud Is Investigated https://youtu.be/sq1JY_fizzI This video begins with film footage of Paper Vote Counting issues. #StopTheSteal We provide reading and commentary of the Article “America Won’t Trust Elections Until The #VoterFraud Is Investigated” by The Federalist Then we conclude with experts discussing the High-End Technology, (owned by names such […]

Every legal Vote Counts https://youtu.be/ge3lQRJizG8 This is a Primer on Legal Voting and Election Fraud read from https://everylegalvote.com/primer It also contains footage of Dodgy Michigan Counting, Democrat Election Observer Testimony about Corruption, Ballot Copying & a Special Boom at the end. #Qiew #GoRight https://www.spreaker.com/user/9922149/qiew-every-legal-vote-counts

Biden Obama America’s Unfortunate Legacy This video discusses how the Biden Obama Doctrine is America’s Unfortunate Legacy and presents facts about the Biden/Obama bombing of Weddings & Civilian Casualties from Airstrikes that have been hidden from the American Public by the Left Wing Media. We introduce the Trump Doctrine which ends Biden’s endless wars (& […]

Mexico President Refuses to Endorse the Media’s Appointment of Joe That’s it! Mexico President Refuses to Endorse the Media’s Appointment of Joe Biden! https://youtu.be/JjUQyA3HAso Unlike the cunt from Australia and that other cunt from Israel who started ISIS with that cunt Obama! You remember the girlyman pretending to be a man married to that ex-tranny […]

You do not have to be afraid of the Boogieman you have to be afraid of the Democrats (or the Left) The Trump Accountability Project… they are coming for us! How do you know if you are on that list? https://youtu.be/LgvoPDWlO9M Joe Biden is the President for All they say… but it is nothing but […]

Tyrants want to Take Control of America We All know the Vote Count is Wrong, the Election is ALMOST Stolen. We have to fight for our REPUBLIC, America is the World, and if it falls so does the world. https://youtu.be/PyV9nxEBNxo Pure and simple we have to understand that our Government system consists of Representatives that […]

McConnell Stands Firm with Trump Democrats Spent Four Years Refusing to Accept the Validity of the Last Election Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) affirmed on Monday that President Trump is well within his rights to look into allegations of voter fraud and explore his legal options moving forward in the contested presidential election and […]

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