Jesse Ousley (Martin) Gay Hispanic American Killed For Trump Hat

Written by on July 12, 2020

Jesse Ousley (aka Jesse L. Martin) was a 37-year-old proud American citizen. Life was ended on July 8th by the hands of other fellow Americans in the act of hate. Hate so strong against our President Donald Trump that has led many to attack his supporters and has often lead to death or serious injury.

Many have doubted that this actually happened, we will admit that we have been a skeptic about this as there has not been much coverage of the incident. During the podcast we did some research See More with a very slow responding facebook (which is frustrating) but doing a bit of searching we are 98% confident that Jesse is dead and he was murdered.

According to, His friends have described him as an all-around great person who was always willing to help anybody that needed it. Jesse’s murder was not Jesse’s race or sexual orientation that spurred this irredeemable act of violence, but it was his support for President Donald Trump.

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Due to the investigation of this murder and the fact that at the time of the writing of this article there is not a lot of news picked up on this, which is unfortunate. Family members have stated that even the local news has not covered this story as of yet.

As put forth by a few other websites we first obtained information on, the more news sites such as ours that pick this article and events up the better because Jesse’s death should be picked up by mainstream media. Jesse deserves to be recognized for his courage and his support for Donald Trump. For you see Jesse Ousley (Martin) was murdered for Trump hat!

Jesse Ousley was 37 years old and lived in Westport, MA. This is his story, as it was told to me by a member of his family. He was visiting a friend at the hospital and waiting for a ride home since he let another friend borrow his car. He started walking to a store for a pack of cigarettes and was confronted by two black males over his MAGA hat. He was beaten so badly that he couldn’t find his phone. Somebody called 911. No rescue came after the 911 call. A girl let him call his cousin for a ride to the hospital. She was there because she was the girlfriend of one of the attackers. Jesse Ousley never made it to the hospital. He died in her car from a traumatic brain injury. No arrests have been made, but the phone he used was the key to who killed him.

Note that during the podcast we did research and found MANY posts that showed that in FACT that Jesse is dead..

Here is one from his brother:

As stated by

All acts of political violence, hate crimes and terrorism are rejected by America as a whole. We are a country that aspires for civility, peace, liberty, justice and understands that out of many we are one. If Jesse had been murdered for his race or sexual orientation his name would rightfully be known in households across the world. This instead was a politically motivated hate crime against someone whom many would simply describe as a freedom-loving American patriot yet the news outlets remain silent. It has only been a few days since he was killed and we hope to see his story go mainstream so that his family, friends, and the world may see justice for Jesse Ousley.

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