This Umbrella Withstands Wind Speeds Up To 70 MPH

Written by on March 15, 2019

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It’s happened to all of us – you get caught in a storm and your umbrella turns inside out. Your day and the umbrella is ruined. With the Hedgehog Umbrella Black, you’ll never have to worry about your umbrella turning on you again. The Hedgehog is on sale for 20% off in the Daily Caller shop today.

Handle sudden shifts in airflow easily. Even in a hurricane, this umbrella will not budge

Handle sudden shifts in airflow easily. Even in a hurricane, this umbrella will not budge

The Hedgehog Umbrella is on sale now for $20 – meaning it can be yours for just $79

Even in 70 mph wind (the same as a Category 1 hurricane!), the Hedgehog Umbrella Black will not budge. The full carbon fiber frame and solid steel shaft protect against wind, hail, or flying debris. The umbrella has been extensively tested – even being run over by car doesn’t break the Hedgehog. In case you’re not convinced, a Global Lifetime Warranty is guaranteed.

Just like shocks on a car, the WINDFlex system on the Hedgehog Umbrella Black handles sudden shifts in airflow, making it aerodynamically stable. No wonder Kickstarter users fully funded the novel device. Save $20 on this new invention today.

Slide the Hedgehog Umbrella Black into your bag to use anytime as it collapses easily into a compact tube shape with its own canvass enclosure.

Never waste money on faulty umbrellas again when you buy the Hedgehog Umbrella Black in the Daily Caller shop for a sales price of $79.

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